Saturday, July 08, 2006


San Angel and Coyoacan

(I don't know how to put the proper accents on words with this blog program...)

A day off! I left the hotel for hours at a time! ¡Milagros!

Here's what I bought for myself today:

I'm pleased with it.

I walked with a colleague through San Angel and on to Coyoacan. We didn't make time to see Diego Rivera's house or Frida's. Another Saturday -- there are many to come. We walked through a small park and along Francisco Sosa street. It is a narrow road with huge old houses behind big gates and walls. It was so nice to go out and walk in a quiet neighborhood after shopping in out door stalls. Here are a couple of pictures of the outdoor market:

Then we headed toward Coyoacan and came to a park where they were having a small carnival. There was a ride there, the Trabant, that I LOVED at the Maui County Fair when I was a kid.

And Mary. She's everywhere

We walked along a street called Franciso Sosa. It starts with a chapel

I'll post more tomorrow. The web connection we have at the hotel is lame.

They have just as many "Marys" here in Provincetown they do in Mexico... They're just a little different...
My favorite is the giant cake donut imbedded in the wall
Mare! and I are looking for spanish kitchen inspiration for the remodel. If you see any open back doors as you walk around, feel free to pop in a take a few pics.
Re: Kitchen reference

I'll just start knocking...
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