Friday, April 06, 2007


California 99

We drove to Tulare and Visalia and Kingsburg and Selma this week to do some research.

We spent time on state route 99. Click here for a history of route 99. Click here for information about all of Californias roadways their histories, names, routes, etc. (I like roadtrips and I like to drive. Growing up on an island probably had something to do with that.)

99 is different than 5, even though both are a divided highway with 2 lanes (or more depending on where you are) in each direction. 99 is all agriculture all the time. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the many different billboards up there. How often do you see billboards advertising bovine meds or almond fungicides? You know you aren't in LA anymore...

Click them all to make them bigger.

It's pretty exciting to take photos at 80mph. (Speed limit is 70, fyi)

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Pretty exciting, I bet! I hope you weren't also driving at the time! Would that be dwp? Driving While Photographing?
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