Friday, May 11, 2007


Vintage LA Photos

Metroblogging LA has a post with a link to the UCLA Library searchable collection of 5700 photos of Los Angeles. I found this one:

LAX in 1966.
You know how much I love airports and I love seeing how LAX has changed in 41 years. I've only lived here 20 and I didn't know that the terminals were satellites with (I assume) underground tunnels to the planes. And now that I write that I guess I've been in a few underground tunnels at's all becomming clear.

But I love the tons of cars parked only at ground level, the theme building looking fly (sorry) and the fabulous new cloverleaf for easy entry and exit to the airport. It must have been a nightmare of construction when they built parking structures and created the double decker system we have now.

I did a little Google action for "history of LAX" and found this short blurb. The best part is the postcard image:

It's not very big, but the title on it says "Los Angeles International Jet Port."


Flying used to be so much cooler.

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