Saturday, August 05, 2006



I'm back in Mexico City. It's like a dream--you know how they can come in 3 parts? I feel like the first part was coming down here and working for weeks, then my dad dying and then going to Hawaii and now being back in the hotel (no, I won't post another photo of the hotel...yet) and another 3 weeks of work. Strange summer. The whole year is very intense for many other life-change reasons. But that's another blog...

Home, Hawaii, the Big Island. Anaehoomalu beach. This beach has many special memories for me. It is the place that holds the some of the most fun memories of my dad and the Big Island side of my family.

The funeral was at the community church in Waikoloa.

We all had fun looking for photos to put up at the funeral and at the gathering afterward.

The next day we scattered ashes at Anaehoomalu from canoes. It was the first time I'd ever been in a canoe, much less paddled one.

Then we walked down to the other beach where we had camped. Great memories.

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