Monday, March 19, 2007


Airbus A380 at LAX

I went down to LAX this morning with a few thousand other people to watch the Airbus A380 land. I met Will Campbell there on his bike. Will writes for one of my favorite websites/blogs: Metroblogging Los Angeles. Fun to meet him in person and geek out about this big old jet airliner. FUN way to start the week.

How was it? It was HUGE. My video doesn't do it justice so I luckily had done a rehearsal shoot with a SouthWest 737 for comparison.



I "borrowed" this image from the LA Times website and photographer Al Seib of the plane just touching down on 24R. Check out all the specators in the background:

For graphic comparison I found this on Wikipedia (thanks Alex!).
(Clem Tillier created this image and I'm using it under the Creative Commons Deed.)

Before the plane came, Lincoln Blvd. was closed off in the northbound direction and the Bomb Squad was called in for some reason...

And the In-N-Out right there was doing land office business at 8am.

Awesome meeting you there Julia! Very cool you're able to get your clip of the landing up so quick. I'm unable to upload mine until I get home tonight, dangit! So in the meantime I've linked to yours on my website.
I must say, for a geek, you are awesomely cool. You never really let it show! It only sneaks out of you every once in a while...! All kidding aside, the footage is very cool. And I know the very grassy knoll you were filming from, having watched many an airplane land from there myself! Only sorry I missed a double-double at 8am!
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