Thursday, April 12, 2007


Deepest Pool

A while back I found this site and image on Boing Boing (I'm 90% sure it was Boing Boing...). This is the world's deepest pool located in Brussels. There is something so haunting to me about the image I first saw:

Something about the water being so clear and the vast space all around the diver, the depth of the water. It's almost like a scary wonderful dream. And I am a total water baby*.

On the practical side of things, the pool just sounds amazing:
Drinkable, heated, chlorine free spring water heated to 33°C (91.4 F)
Visibility superior to 33m (over 100feet, which, if you've ever been diving or even just snorkeling, you know how spectacular that kind of visibility is.)

I want to go there and swim and swim and swim.

Click into their site for even more amazing photos.


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