Sunday, May 20, 2007


Maui Interlude

After two weeks of work with the Macedonians in Los Angeles (you may be asking "where the hell is Macedonia?"), I scurried off to Maui to visit my mom for mother's day. I had not been to Maui alone in at least six years and it was a little odd at first, feeling like I was 22 again, sliding right into some good old patterns. Things like waking up at 6am and walking on the beach with my mom. Writing in my journal at the breakfast table while watching the morning parade of neighbors and their dogs on their way to the beach. Nice. Soothing.

I flew in Sunday (mother's day) and took some shots as we were preparing to land. (Click all to make them bigger.)

Here is north shore Maui and a pineapple field. Pineapples do not grow on trees.

Haleakala Highway and the surrounding sugar cane fields:

Maui has a windfarm now (click for bigger picture):

West Maui Mountains:

Kahului Town:

What salt air does to most vehicles:

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