Thursday, July 26, 2007


Tour De France -- Updates

The Tour de France is exploding off the back of its own peloton.

Frakking Vinokourov. Godsdammit!! I was looking for a hero, a real inspiration, someone who was down but never out, someone who wasn't fictional (sorry Harry), and thought I had found one. My dreams were dashed with Vino. Rasmussen I didn't like much anyway, can't explain why, so I don't care about him being out. The only cycling I watch is the Tour, so I'm a cycling n00b but I really really enjoy the physical insanity of the Tour de France. But now I feel like I have to let my naivete go, become cynical. That bums me out.

Come on Contador, mend my broken heart.

Read about Rasmussen here.
Read about Vino here.


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