Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Internet and Chicken

We shot for two days in Cuernavaca. I saw about 4 square blocks of it...nice though. On the road to our hotel (yes the Camino Real and no, I have no pictures of my own, but I'll find some for you) there was a sign that said "Internet" on one side and "Pollos" on the other (that's "Chicken" for you non-spanish speakers.).

Internet and Chicken. Really, what more could you want or need?

We stayed one night in Cuernavaca and apparently at one of the most fabulous Camino Reals in Mexico. However, since I checked in at about 8:30pm, then went to dinner with other crew members away from the hotel, then back and to sleep at 12:30, then my pick up at 6:30, I never saw the place in the day time.
Click here for their site. Apparently, it is fabulous. Oh well.

It is hot in Cuernavaca, the saying is it is always spring there. Luckily, there were stores right next to our set that sell popsicles. My friend Waldo was buying one of these so I had to try it -- Mango Chile!

It was a condundrum because mango is my favorite, frozen mango so yummy on a hot day but then the chile made it super spicy! It was delicious but I couldn't finish the whole thing. So frustrating because it was cold and fruity, then too much kick. I highly recommend it though.

One week from today, I'll be done with this job and flying home. I can't wait.

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