Friday, August 18, 2006


Xochimilco Part II -- The Market

So, where were we?

After the boat-a-palooza, we walked back toward the train station and bought a few things at a small shop. This little boy was so cute, though a little bored.

Then we turned a corner and found the market. Outside was fresh produce. Oh the colors!

Then we went inside the covered part of the market and saw even more colors.

The aisles were not wide.

There was a dining area in the back where we ate lunch. Here is one of the items on the menu -- tripe soup. We watched the woman fish out big pieces of tripe, chop it up, put it in a bowl, ladle in more broth and serve. It looked good except that it was tripe.

Outside, through another door, we came across the livestock area. Cute little baby animals for future consumption. I asked "┬┐Para comer?" and the answer was "Si."

Bye Bye little rabbits!

Then the piglets. I asked if I could take a picture and the guys said yes and made room.

I took the above picture and the older gentlemen said (in spanish) "I thought you were going to take a picture of me!" And so of course I did. This is how he posed.

Later, same thing with dead chickens. I took this photo:

And the guys were hamming it up behind the counter, so I had to take this one:

But really, there is no better way to end a marvelous day of subways, boat rides, mariachi, families, a bright market and baby animals than with a giant tub of lard on the sidewalk.

Para Comer....NO!
Bunnies.....Para Comer for Catleen....Si
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