Thursday, April 12, 2007


Los Angeles "Weather"

Super high winds in LA today and yes, they did cause some serious damage and car accidents (1 fatality) and a fire that torched 3 houses. Sympathy all around.

That being said, seriously, how embarrassing is the TV news in Los Angeles? ("Rain Victims" anyone? Sarah? When it does actually get around to raining here, the news becomes highly entertaining.) But today's high wind reporting takes the cake. I was watching ABC (channel 7) and a guy was reporting from Lancaster. He was in a supermarket parking lot and started his story off pointing out the SHOPPING CARTS THAT HAD BEEN BLOWN OVER BY THE WIND!!!!



Really though, there are so many funny things to say about "weather" reporting in LA, it is hard to know where to start....okay, the ABC 7 weather guy's name? Dallas Raines. I sh** you not. ABC 7's special weather machine? "LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD". (No, Paddy, I'm not kidding!)

I do love it. LA. I do.

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I have MET Dallas Raines.

And what about Johnny Mountain???
You MET?!?!?!?! him? Why? Where? When? Did you have to be restrained because you were laughing so hard? And thanks for the shout out to the other great weather name guy.
Yes, I have MET him. He looks exactly the same in person, except 10 times more tan. It was when I worked the short-lived series "Dangerous Minds", which filmed at the ABC lot in Los Feliz, which was really a TV lot. They did the news across the hall -- Laura Diaz and I used the Ladies' room together all the time. And General Hospital taped there, too. The actress who played Jackie -- Luke's sister -- used to jog around the lot studying her lines -- WHILE JOGGING. She was incredible.

But I digress. Dallas. The man, the myth. We occasionally filmed exterior on the lot and Dallas would come watch -- he was into it! Like a kid! Of course we did the same when peeking into the news set!
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