Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Monday I donated platelets. It was my seventh donation since I started again last December. The last two donations have been doubles and I was told this time that I have a high platelet count which means I can do a double often. Yes, I am pleased with myself. Frankly I have no idea how or why I have a high count, but there it is. I watched the movie "Hitch" and enjoyed some grape juice afterward.

My next appointment is July 3rd -- who's with me? When I made the appointment, the woman said, "oh good, we always need more platelets before a holiday." Hmmm. Okay seriously, who's coming with me? Platelets only last for a few days so they need donations often. (Don't worry Debra, I know...)

Here's what they look like when collected:

(Photo from here.)

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