Friday, June 15, 2007


My Morning Cup--Part II

Some follow ups:

My sister sent me this in an email that was simply titled: My Coffee Cup

Reminds me of high school. I would drive to school and stop at Nagata Store in Paia (is that right, Mom or Sarah or Jen? The one on the right as you are on Hana Highway before you turn up Baldwin?) and get a diet coke and sometimes (too often) an apple fritter. Breakfast of champions.

Brian (like Tom) gets a paper cup most mornings that looks specifically like this one:

He said:
picture it... a large paper cup with kraft brown sleeve from Coffee Bean. now your picture is complete of my coffee mug every morning.

my favorite, xtra large wonder woman mug (with the ugliest rendition of Wondy i've ever seen) is either A) broken, B) in San Francisco, or C) in storage.

i used to have a gorgeous Gucci mug that I weilded at a former job to inimidate [sic]* all the other employees (of course, they had to be TOLD it was Gucci) but sadly it broke. i've been thinking of replacing it but getting a job to wield it at has been a higher priority.

Thanks for sending those in!

If you want to send me a picture of your morning beverage cup, please do! Send to jfreyla at mac (dot) com.

*Brian is so pissed right now.


in the words of Homer Simpson....mmmmmm apple fritter....
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