Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Start Your Morning With A (Potential) Bang!

I headed out for my morning constitutional, exiting through the backyard gate, as per usual, and this is what greets me when I step out:

WTF? I look over toward the intersection in front of our house and it is full of cops. Being the safe and sane citizen that I am, (and my mother's daughter) I go running back inside to get my camera and race back out take photos of the flares and then head over to see what's up. There were no guns drawn and none of the cops seemed to be moving very quickly, so I figured they weren't going to tell me to get back into the house (like when my mom was visiting*). My neighbors were out so I walked over to them first and they told me it was a suspicious package and sure enough, here comes the bomb squad:

But they were all done, no problem, move along, nothing to see here. Apparently there was a suitcase near the 10 fwy overpass down the street from us. I appreciate that someone is paying attention, but I see so much crap piled up there from time to time I don't pay any attention. I'm not sure what that makes me, lazy? Not a True American? Whatever. I proceeded with my morning walk.

And by the way, have you noticed that it is really summer time now? Hardly any June gloom at our house (4 blocks east of the 405) and it is staying warm at night. Time for the summer bed linens!

*Oh, and about my Mother. She's always up for an adventure. When there were HUGE storms on Maui and all the power would be knocked out for days and the roads flooded, school cancelled, etc (awesome good times!) we would listen to the battery powered radio and of course the officials would say what roads were closed or flooded and to please stay home unless it was absolutely necessary. That was my mom's cue: "Let's go look!" And we'd jump in the car and drive into town to see what was up. So much fun. Recently, she and my stepdad were here visiting and while we were eating take out in the living room, 3 or 4 police cars go flying past on our smaller side street (we live on a corner), lights ablaze. Mom looks at me and barely has "Let's go see!" before we are running out the door and get about 20 steps to the sidewalk in front of our house and look down the small street and there are TONS OF COPS in full gear, shotguns out saying "GO BACK INSIDE!" So we did. We then lay on the floor to better dodge bullets and laughed nervously. Okay, we didn't lie on the floor, but we did laugh. Good times.

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I just used that storm chasing as an example of how we were raised as ambulance chasers!!!
Just Today, that is....he he
She's funny, that mom.
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