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Yesterday I sent a meme around and also posted my response on my Bookshelf blog. I sent the meme to six people, one of whom informed me kindly that she doesn't respond to memes (they are like chain letters) and I totally understood. I haven't heard from three of the six at all and the two that took up my meme gauntlet wrote theirs out. They are Will and frazgo. Both are bloggers at my favorite morning read: Metroblogging LA.

I wanted to do a non-book related set of 8 on this blog so here I go.

Eight Randome Things about Julia:

8. The doctors told my parents I was going to be a boy (this was 1966) and my dad was over the moon as in all his marriages, save one, there were only girls. And I was probably his last shot for another boy. I was not out yet and already named Frank Paul Rivas (after my dad's father). Lo and behold, January 1967 rolls around and guess what? I'm not a boy. So they had to come up with a girl's name. My mom tells me thad my dad suggested Julie, but she said, let's make it more formal with Julia. Done. My birth certificate says Julia Louise Rivas.

7. Speaking of not being a boy, one of my most painful (non-family related) memories from childhood happened when I was about seven or eight. My hair was always short and I was a little bit of a tomboy. One day I was at Kahala Mall with my mom and we were in Hickory Farms. As she was shopping, I was looking at this giant wheel of cheese and reached out to touch the wax cover. A man in the store said, "Don't touch that, son." If I was ever in a situation where I had to act out a scene and cry, I would use that moment as a way to bring tears. Why was it so painful? Not 100% sure, I'll have to write about it later.

6. I love to drive. LOVE it. In Hawaii you could get your license at 15, so when I was sophomore, I had a carpool. I have never owned an automatic car and can't ever see myself doing so. (Except if we are buying a Prius and have no choice.)

5. I believe strongly in the Golden Rule and karma. I feel my Karma bank is pretty full so I do burn points from time to time.

4. I like candy corn and loathe necco wafers.

3. Not only do I want to make movies, but I want to run a non-profit movie theater so the tickets are cheap, the popcorn even cheaper and people come just to watch movies they love. All proceeds would go to film preservation and scholarships for young filmmakers.

2. In 6th grade my mom painted my face like Gene Simmons and I lip-synced a Kiss song in a talent show. Yes, there are photos somewhere, no I don't have them to post. You'll have to ask my mom.

1. I am constantly amazed and in awe of life here on planet earth. There is a lot of hate and ugliness, I know, but there is so much joy and beauty in so many things every day. I am so happy to be here and don't want to leave for a long time.

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Number 4 is sooooo wrong. Here you would normally see a smiley or snickery (?) face but I am loathe to do one...
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