Sunday, June 10, 2007


Govinda's Buffet

After Reading to Kids yesterday, Debra and I stopped at Govinda's Buffet for a yummy lunch near our homes in West LA. You must go. It is $7 for all you can eat buffet and all the food is made fresh in their kitchen. The menu is all vegetarian with many vegan choices as well. There is Pizza, a beautiful salad bar, many entrees, two kinds of rice, cookies and vegan cakes. There are sandwiches as well. And it is all soooooo tasty. You can sit indoors or out on their large umbrella covered patio.

You haven't heard of Govinda's? Or you have but have been afraid to try it because it is part of the Hare Krishna temple? Be honest now....

Just go there and eat delicious soul satisfying food. And after you are done eating you can go and buy indian clothes and books and candles and jewelry and shoes and decorative items for your home in their import store.

Don't worry, it is nothing like Scientology. Nobody pays you any attention at Govinda's except to smile and help you have a great meal.

Picture of Hare Krishna Gods:

from this site.

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