Thursday, June 14, 2007


LAX This Morning

I drove friends and their kids to the airport today. They are off to Hawaii for some fun in the tropical sun.

We commented on the Theme Building's current renovation after a 1000 pound chunck of stucco fell from one of the arches. The scaffolding is impressive and after I dropped everyone off and made my way around the airport, I DWP* and so you could see too (click to....):

After that photo, I caught the people waiting in the security line for terminal 7:

I felt a small pang of "Where are we going to travel next?" but then was glad I didn't have to stand in line this morning. I'm looking forward the sunflowers and daisies I'm going to plant today.

*Drove (or driving depending on the verb tense I need) While Photographing

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Maybe we should change it to PWD, since the photographing goes on WHILE driving. It just occurred to me. Just a thought.

And then there's the matter of you doing it at all! Dangerous! Please be careful when you PWD.
Who wants to play it safe, baby?!
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