Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My Morning Cup

Some days are slow around here. I don't have a specific deadline (I should probably get one) and no paying jobs at the moment. It's NICE. So I considered the humble coffee mug. I have lots but I usually chose this one from the cupboard:

My mom drinks her tea from a mug that looks like some kind of science experiment about the deconstruction of a china mug handle, micro layer by micro layer. It looks normal from afar:

But up close where your thumb goes is a different story. That's not dirt or leftover tea or anything, that's just years of use eroding away at the paint.

Tom said "i just get paper cups at a cafe...i's horrible." I asked him to take a photo anyway and he got all snappy saying "you don't know what they look like? here, pick one..." and linked me to this page:

Rock on, Tom. You gotta get your coffee however you can get it.

Sarah said, "This is the only mug I like to use. Picky, Picky."
Clean. Spare. Minimal. Classy.

I was thinking a lot about mugs (no, I'm fine, I don't need a new job) and remembered buying my dad a mustache mug ages ago when he grew a mustache. Must have been around the late 70's. They looked something like this:

Then saw this one while googling "mugs" and I think it's pretty cool:

Send me a picture of your favorite mug please and I'll do follow up posts. Email it to: jfreyla at mac (dot) com.


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