Thursday, June 14, 2007


Slideluck Potshow and Comfort Zones

I just got my KPCC email newsletter and saw a link for what looks like a fascinating event called Slideluck Potshow. It started in New York but they are now doing an evening in LA on June 29.

I want to go and I want to participate, but will have to put off participating till the next event as I don't have time in 4 days to do what I would like to do with my photos...

As I'm writing this post I'm also IMing with my friend Emily in NYC. She and I are discussing Slideluck Potshow and she's telling me to just go for it and submit even with 4 days notice. She's so right.

COME ON! Where did my boldness go? Since stepping out of my visual effects comfort zone I feel like I am such a (say it!) pussy. Yes, I've been writing and have finished a couple of things I set out for myself but now I'm mired down in fear. So time to get moving and take some more chances and go FORWARD!

So here I go.

Thank you Emily, you are a huge inspiration and help.

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