Friday, June 01, 2007


Seriously, WTF?!

I'm driving to a friend's house in Mar Vista yesterday and see this behemoth parked on Inglewood. Before I could think I said out loud "Oh for fuck's sake!"

It immediately brought to mind the Wii game Kurt and I are currently hooked on: Excite Truck. It has ridiculous trucks that you race through various off road courses. None of the cars have actual brand names, but they do have names like "Dominator" and they look like this:

Hilarious and fun for a video game, but lame and pretentious and wasteful in real life.

Seriously. W? T? F?!



I don't know why but I love this post. Something about the virtual/real world dichotomy.

Or maybe it's just funny!
BBQ indeed!

Thanks for not being a lurker.
He said "dichotomy"!

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