Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Bunny is Fierce! (Speaking of Fierce)

If you know Bunny, you know she's fierce. Don't let the name fool you. The Rabbit will F you up....with Super Cuteness!

I went to get more coffee and there she was, in the bedroom doorway.

Kurt is still in there sleeping and so The Bun had to be partially there and partially out in the rest of the house for some reason. Usually she's sleeping on his head at this time of the morning. But just looking at her, all cat-loafed out in the door, I was thinking -- best cat in the world! (as we cat (or any pet) lovers do.) Made me think of one of the best throw-away lines I've heard recently. We were watching Big Love the other day and Bill's mother (Played by Grace Zabriskie) was sitting in a chair at The Compound with a chicken in her lap and she says, "Best chicken in the world." Then her phone rings and the scene starts. Totally random and hilarious. We had to rewind and watch again.

Yesterday morning there were major squirrel territory wars going on in our backyard. It was quite amusing. I went on my morning constitutional and came back to see that things had settled down. The two victorious squirrels were relaxed and grooming:

And snacking:

Victory was acheived--I AM SQUIRRELTICUS!

I turned around and saw this:

Bunny wants to know whey she can't go out and be fierce with the squirrels.

Because Bunny, they would kick your tail-less ass!
(Bunny is a Rumpy Manx. No really, that is what they are called.)

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