Monday, July 09, 2007


Jumpin' Fantasy

At the Pacific Culver Theater yesterday there was this game in their mini-arcade:

(sorry for the slight blurry-ness and you can click it to see it bigger.)

There was no one playing it so I'm not quite sure what the deal was (And I can't find a description of it online, anywhere!) but I think you try to jump as many times as possible within a certain time period. I think.

Okay, now, I'm no Gamer, but seriously? Jumping? That's it? Even Dance Dance Revolution is about dancing and moving your feet in different directions and positions and there is music. Jumpin' Fantasy seemed insane. And looking at the font, I can't quite be sure if it is some kind of Simpsons tie-in. I don't watch the Simpsons so maybe I'm totally out of the loop.


It is a sign of true Monday work ethic that I have spent time on the clock researching the Jumpin' Fantasy mystery. Happily, I believe I have solved it. It seems to be a virtual jump rope game like this one.
Travis! You are a dream come true. Thanks for finding that description. It makes more sense now. And frankly, that would be way more fun than a stairmaster...
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