Tuesday, July 03, 2007



So I'm working a "real" job this week. I have to go to an office and everything! Yowza. This makes me realize how much I need some new clothes. Luckily, the work I'm doing doesn't require more than very casual clothes (jeans/t-shirts if I want) and I'm only here for about five days, but sheesh. I have worn the same five shirts over and over for the past year and now it's summer time and I need some without holes. Yes, I'm grateful I have five different shirts to wear. I am also grateful for the income and grateful for the free coffee and diet cokes. Even more grateful that I live about seven minutes away from here.

Really, this post is me wasting time/taking a break. Now I will return to my work while looking forward to more hot BBQ action tmorrow!

Happy 3rd and 4th of July!

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