Sunday, July 01, 2007


Last Week Recap

Whew, what a week it was! You read about most of the highlights already: my new gig writing for Metroblogging Los Angeles and also being included in the Slideluck PotShow on Friday night.

But before that, I spent Thursday evening listening to some fellow bloggers at the LA Bloggers Live event at Tangier Lounge. This was created and hosted by leahpeah. The evening was splendid. I got to meet again with David Markland (who "hired" me on and Will Campbell who I met back in March at LAX. Cybele was also there. She writes for Blogging.LA as well but is known for/famous for Candy Blog. I also met Clifford who blogs at Asymptotia (and who has a very appetizing picture of tacos on his site today and now I'm getting hungry.) I look forward to the next live event and will definitely be reading something then.

Blogging is a new world for me. I started my bookshelf blog in late 2005 as an exercise to see what blogging would be like. I realize that starting a blog is like getting a tattoo. You have to really know what your focus is, just like you need to know what exactly your tattoo will be. A blog is probably slightly less permanent, but no less important. (Yes, I have tattoos, and yes, you can see most of them if you ask me.)

I started this one last year as a way to share pictures from Mexico City while I was working. Little did I know what this would all lead to. (What is this all leading to?) I didn't expect I would make more friends through it. I didn't expect to get to know LA better through it. I didn't expect to be much more community oriented through it. But I have and I love it.

And now back to the recap...

Friday Night at the Slideshow. The place was packed and the potluck was great -- a wide range of delicious homemade and restaurant bought food. This was a new experience--joining in a crowd of artists in a new world I know not much about. I know the movie world, am getting to know the bloggy world, but art and photographer? Stamp a "NEW" sign on my forehead. Make that "n00b".

There were 30 artists in the show and I was in the second half of the presentation.

I was proud and pleased that my work stood up next to the group. There were professionals and amateurs alike represented, some very commercial and some quite arty, all fascinating in some way.

Being in this show is going to help me focus my photos into collections and prepare for future shows, be they SlideLuck PotShows or actual gallery events. I have no idea how to make it happen, yet, but I will start asking a lot more questions.


Oh boy. This is a rambly post for a Sunday. But I'm hitting "post" and moving on because I have to:
Call my niece for her birthday
See a movie (probably Die Hard)
Update our bills/quicken
Wash clothes
Prepare for WORK tomorrow. (Yes, I got a short job, at an office, and I have so few "office clothes" these days....)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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