Saturday, July 28, 2007


Mouse is a Freaky Kitty

The thing is, Bunny is fierce! but oh so cute. And she likes to have her cuddles. But Mouse....Mouse is different. You know how cats have to be near you when you move to another room or part of the house? Mouse likes to come and be near me when I'm at my desk. Sometimes she just lies on the floor, looking like a normal cat. Other times I glance over and that is what I get:

I haven't asked her to play dead. She hasn't fainted from the heat. That's just Mouse.

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Our Pepper (who bears a resemblance to your Mouse), executes the same pose with enough regularity that we've dubbed it "airin' the belly" (best pronounced like an angry Scot).

NICE photos of Pepper! And I love the Airin The Belly! in scottish brogue. I'll have to use it.

I love the first photo as it always amazes me that these fur covered creatures must find sun even in the middle of summer. MUST HAVE SUN!
My roommate's cat, Julie, sleeps the same way quite often. Nice to know it's not a lone psychosis.
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