Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Vantage Point Trailer

This is the movie I was working on in Mexico City last summer!

Higher res versions available on the quicktime site.

Tell me what you think, then I'll tell you what I think....

Hmm. Starts out like a slight cut above your good episode of 24 but then feels like it could be an actual exciting movie thriller like a souped up Parallax View, better than The Sentinel (altho that's not saying much). I would be drawn to see it in the theatre but not in a big way.
It looks surprisingly good, Julia. And to think that I was right there with you for a few brief days! Goes to show what a good marketing department can do for even the most dubious, silly films.
Great cast, great production values... but movies that rely on having to watch, rewind, magnify, and otherwise get all Batcomputer with videos to reveal plot points never work.
Still, I may be suckered into seeing it.
I'm too close to it to really have a fair comment but I think it could be a solid B movie. I also think Matthew Fox can not act with his mouth closed. At any time. Ever. Go ahead, find a rerun of Lost and you tell me. It's never closed. Plus he was kind of a prat on set. THere were days when I wanted to yell -- DUDE! CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! But I didn't.

(there goes my directing career...)
The trailer is so flashy....too many small bites for me...flash....flash....flash....
makes me stress out...ha! I hope the movie isnt that way...
Films like this one may you happy you've bought a ticket to watch it: i'm so impatient to watch it !
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