Monday, August 06, 2007


Beach Image

Last week Thursday we went out for some lovely cocktails and appetizers at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica with some good friends. As the light was fading, I took some photos out the window and liked this action shot.

The hotel holds fond memories for us as this is where we spent our first two nights as a married couple. We called it our Minimoon as we were not able to take a honeymoon until a year later. But then we did it in STYLE: One week in Portugal and three weeks in Italy. I'll have to start scanning some photos. That was just before I was getting into digital images, but maybe I'll look to see if by chance I got disks with my prints. I'll write about that another time.

Back to the Casa Del Mar. This is the kind of guest room we had:
Classy, beachy, but not overdone. Made me/us want to get a chaise lounge.

Then, there was the bathroom and I'm a sucker for a GREAT bathroom. These pictures don't help much because I had to do a screen grab but basically the tubs are big enough for two and we spent hours in it, drinking champagne and being generally goofy about being married. Because don't forget: Kurt and I started dating in January (2001), got engaged in August (2001) and got married on November 3, 2001.

See? So happy!

We got to the hotel around 9:30 or 10pm of our wedding night, after our fabulous non-fussy wedding/party/reception/celebration, and stood in the room, looking around then looked at each other, laughing, "What do we do now?" First things first, right? We were HUNGRY! The cliche was true, you barely eat at your own wedding and the In-N-Out burger and fries I had with my sister and niece at 11:30 that morning had long been used up on dancing and smiling and hugging. So we turned right around, still looking just like the picture, and went down to the lobby restaurant and had a nice pasta dinner, then went back to our room and crashed. The rest of the weekend will be left up to your own imagination about your own wedding nights, or wedding nights to come...except ours involved a whole canned chicken and champagne. I'll say no more.


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I LOVE the fact that I'm mentioned in your wedding night memoir. LOVE it. Right up there with the whole canned chicken.

I don't think I had anything to do with the champagne. Did I?

By the way, in case you think we're joking about a chicken, that's whole, and completely located in a can, just take a look.
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