Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Holy Mackerel!

Ages ago, someone found and shared the website of Weight Watchers recipe cards, circa 1974. I still cry with laughter when I read them today.

Kurt and I have our favorite:

These are three words that should NEVER go together. (And notice that this recipe falls under the "Convenience Fish" category. Fish can be so inconvenient, can't they?)

The one that had gasping for breath was this one (all are best read with the snarky comments from Wendy McClure)

Something about "Impressive Buoys" just kills me. And this category is great "Fish Spectaculars"!!!11

This one we laughed and laughed about -- WTF is Shashlik? -- Until I went to Macedonia on business and ordered Shashlik on the menu. (No reference to Caucasions in Skopje, though.) Delicious when made in a country that has shashlik in it's culinary history.

By the way, Ms. McClure has published a book with even MORE of the crazy recipes. The book is called: "Gee, your book smells terrific!"

The reason I thought of these aweseome food cards today is because Boing Boing pointed me to a site called Do What Now? with old recipes, ads and other retro-wacky stuff. For some reason this one made me spit on my monitor I was laughing so hard:

Trout is not as funny as Mackerel, and yet, something about wrapping them in corn husks just made me lose it.

Lastly, from the weight watchers card site is the link to the Gallery of Regrettable Food. You know it's going to be good and I see that you are now scheduling yourself some alone time so you can look at them all.


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