Monday, August 13, 2007


MIA-POW Bracelets

While writing about "Walk For Mankind" and my sister and living in Kahala, I remembered that Jen (and all her friends) had MIA/POW bracelets for soldiers in Vietnam. I'm sure Jen still remembers the name of her soldier. To my 7 or 8 year old mind, they were pretty cool and I wanted one. I wanted to wear the name of a soldier in Vietnam on my wrist, to think about him far away. I really don't think I quite understood the reality of all that was going on at the time, but the bracelet brought an immediacy to this hazy "war" thing to my young mind.

I googled around for the bracelets and found this picture:

It came from this website posting from May 2006: Family History Circle: Get Out Your POW Bracelet

You can buy new ones now for people currently serving, but you have to provide the name of the person to have the bracelet made. POW-MIA Memorial Bracelets

I'm not sure where Jen got the one she got, but I like that you were given a random name. Seems nice to send positive thoughts to people you don't even know, remembering them without having met them.

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If you would like to choose a name to have engraved, you can select one from a list of Vietnam POW/MIA on
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