Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Whole Story About Jen as of Today (8/30)

Here's the whole story:
Last Tuesday she went to the Doctor because she felt a lump of something in her belly. (She had a fibral benign tumor in her uterus removed 3 years ago). She went to get an ultrasound and the doctor said, hmmm, better go get a cat scan because this thing is too close to your kidneys. So she did that night and they said, hmmm, better go talk to an Oncologist tomorrow. That Oncology appointment was just to rule stuff out -- we hoped. So she met with the Oncologist last Weds and he said, hmmm, can't say it's cancer until we take it out and no matter what it is, we need to take it out because it's too close to your kidneys. (Though her kidney functions are all normal.) So he scheduled her for surgery last Friday and said it could be 1 hour or many more depending on what we find. Surgery was 6 hours. And it was cancer. But we didn't know what kind yet and it would take a few days to figure out. But the doctor (one of the best in San Jose) said he does this kind of surgery often and is very confident they got everything out. Good to hear.

Meantime, my mom was on her way to hang with Jen anyway and I was on my way to DC for a meeting on the movie I'm working on. I was scheduled to return on Tuesday. While I was in DC, the doctor said the cancer is Stage III uterine cancer, and the slowest growing kind. So she will need chemo just to make sure that any lingering cells get blasted but doesn't need to start until she's healed from the surgery -- so about 3 1/2 weeks from now. I spent Tuesday afternoon and all day yesterday with her and she looked great. Honestly for having had MAJOR f-ing surgery 5 days before, she just looked like she needed a long nap. She was walking around and up and down stairs (not quickly, but she is moving). She was also farting -- very important after big surgery so we all had a laugh about farting. In general she's mad and annoyed and cranky and apparently was swearing up a storm right after waking up from the surgery. I was pleased to hear it. If she hadn't been, I would have really worried.

I'll probably go back this Saturday for a day. Then I'll be off to DC for 2 1/2 weeks or so on this movie, back in time to help her get into the chemo situation. Its going to be tough and I might have to cut my hair in solidarity (but honestly, why would me cutting my hair all off be any surprise or different in my life?!?!) But the doctors are all very positive and so, therefore, am I.

If you know my sister, you'll know that this picture shows how well she's doing. This is her, watiting to be discharged yesterday:

The caption reads "When can I facking go home?!!"

If you want to see a picture of her scar, go here.

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I was relieved with the outcome and chuckling about the farting and then I clicked on the photo of the scar and it brought it all home how major you meant by major surgery.


I'm very pleased to read the prognosis is positive and that everyone's bearing up.
Thank you for the support! I appreciate it very much.

Yeah, the scar is large. My sister said "Do you want to see my scar?" and I said "YEAH!" I'm weird that way. I'm fascinated by medical stuff. (I watched a doctor stitch my finger once.) But knowing not everyone is, I had to make a link...

Thanks again Will!
{{{hugs}}} to you.

{.{.{.gentle hugs.}.}.} to Jen.
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