Sunday, October 07, 2007


Katching Up On Our Kitchen -- The Douchebag Episode

So, you may recall the first episode of our new reality series: Kitchen Klusterfucks with your hosts, Kurt and Kulia, way back in August. We'll, we've both been out of town and working so much we haven't had much time to get the new countertops organized. We've done some cursory research and realize that we want laminate counter tops since this is not going to be a complete kitchen redo and we can't spend a fortune.

Today we went to Expo Home Design to see what they had. I have heard bad things about their installation services and crews but I figured, let's just go see what they have and price stuff out. No biggie. But we are ready to start making some decisions so we might have used them if the price and service were right.

We didn't even get that far.

We walked into the Kitchen Countertop show room and there are only salespeople in there and they all look up "Hello! How can we help you?" The older "gentleman" stepped forward, smiling. I said "Hi, do you have laminate?" and he said, partially laughing, "No, this isn't Formica-land." I stopped short and said, "Okay, I guess we came to the wrong store then." and started to turn around. He tried to follow up with "We have blah blah and blah blah and blah blah countertops, why do you want laminate?" I did look back at him and said something like "We were just looking for affordable countertops and what you said was pretty rude." And we left.

I apologized to Kurt because I just motored right out but holy crap!!!

"This is not Formica-land"?!?!?! What a douchebag.

I got the manager's number and called from the car to say how frickin' rude that guy had been. I didn't get his name, big mistake, but I was so put out I couldn't stay in the same room to find it out. I hope the woman I spoke to did actually speak to him to let him know that we wouldn't even be coming back.

It's back to IKEA tomorrow to look at their new fall line.

So obnoxious!!
Our kitchen IS Formica Land!!
and is GREAT!
Great sales technique: piss people off.

Funny thing is I'll bet it was "solid surface" land which is just Dupont's faux-stone update of laminated countertops.
It was totally "solid surface" land. So much so that they make your sink as part of the counter top -- one piece! (We learned that at Ikea months ago).

And yeah, Jen, I love your kitchen! Nothing wrong with laminate!!
I just thought of these alternate responses:
Oh, well, do you know where Formica-land is? Because we're heading there now!
Ohhh, Formica-land! Honey, why didn't we just go to Formica-land?
Formica-land? Really? There's a Formica-land? Show me the way!!
OR (said with a sneer)
Apparently, you've never BEEN to Formica-land!

Just makes me want to verbally slap that guy in the face, you know?!
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