Monday, September 24, 2007


Secret Lovers (Well, At Least Pals)

Blogbud Will posted about his two dogs sharing space, something they don't normally do in the house or anywhere. It made me remember this photo I took last week:

Bunny (the smaller cat sitting up) is the alpha, even though she's 1/3 smaller than Mouse (lying down). Bunny enjoys wrestling with Mouse, even with her current ACL situation. (Mouse doesn't enjoy the wrestling so much.) The wrestling is usually followed by a lot of running/chasing around the house.

But every once in a while, while I'm on the way to the kitchen, I'll glance down the hall and catch them together. Snuggling or bathing each other. Like last week. They always look at me with a "What? We're not doing anything" look then usually slink away from each other. I had enough time to take a few photos.

I think they need couples counseling.

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