Friday, August 31, 2007


In Other Medical News

Bunny's sports injury is acting up again. She had knee issues a few years ago, but with some medication and "rest" she was fine. Lately she's been licking the same spot on her same leg, just making the hair go short, but not limping or acting at all different than normal, much to Mouse's chagrin when Mouse gets chased around and around the house. But yesterday Bunny was definitnely walking wrong on her left back leg so to the Vet's we went this morning.

The prognosis: Arthritis. She has serious calcification on her left rear ACL. (See? Sports injury.) She got a shot of prednisone to help reduce inflammation and now she'll get half a baby aspirin every other day. She's resting comfortably.

Bunny is about 14 and so this is not a shocker, and as you may recall, she is a Rumpy Manx. And Rumpy Manxs tend to have odd but generally minor lower spine and hip issues (what with no tail to extend their spines...). And I say she's "about 14" because when I got her in 1995 from the West Side Animal Shelter, she was an adult and they estimated she was between 1 and 2.

I learned a really good trick years ago for vet visits. I bring the carry boxes in from the storage area in the house the night before and just leave it in the living room. By the next morning, no one is panicing and so picking them up and putting them in the box is a snap. Bunny got home around 11 this morning and I left the box in the living room while we had lunch. When I got up from lunch, Mouse was hunkered near the bookshelves, panic-stricken, sure she must be next. Poor cat. Her blood pressure must have been elevated all morning.

I was reading a website about kitty arthritis and saw this part:
Symptoms of traumatic arthritis may include the following:
A painful joint, causing limping on that leg and resentment of the joint being handled.

I love that with cats, you use the word "Resentment" because that is exactly what it is.

I lurves my Bunny! And Mouse too...


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