Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Pret A Manger

My favorite place in London right now for a quick and (relatively) cheap breakfast/lunch/snack is Pret a Manger.

Their sandwiches and salads are all made on site, daily. All leftover food is given to charity at the end of the day so none of it goes to waste. They use fresh/organic ingredients and use recycled cardboard as often in all their packaging as possible. Everything is delicious and they are EVERYWHERE.

But here's the problem. McDonald's owns a 33%, non-controlling share in Pret. And I don't patronize any fast food anymore except for In-N-Out Burger after reading the book Fast Food Nation. I quit, cold turkey, about 4 years ago. It hasn't been very hard (and I should have quit a long time ago) but every once in a great while, I have to give up something I really like. Baja Fresh, for example. I loved eating there, but then Wendy's bought them. Bye Bye Baja.

Now I have discovered Pret but they are connected to McDonald's. Frustrating! Do I have loopholes in that they don't control Pret, just partial owners? Also, don't I want to support this kind of company and the fact that McDonald's supports this kind of company? Tough call.

Any input would be appreciated.

In the mean time, I will try Eat.

you could make the exception since you're not on US soil I suppose...
you could still eat there and say McDonald's is trying to be better, same with baja fresh, my fiancee LOVES it there, they're not buying them and closing them down, they're simply recognizing some people like to eat better..
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