Saturday, September 16, 2006


Poquito Mas -- Cuernavaca

I'm blogging via dial up -- talk about frustrating. I might need to start a blog about how much earthlink annoys the (insert whatever word you want here) out of me. I've only been on hold for 50 minutes and hung-up on twice. Grrr.

But let's get back to the fun of Mexico and Cuernavaca. We were working right outside a huge cathedral there. Built in 1550-something, as are many of the cathedrals we worked near.

This was the small church. The bigger one was behind it in a large courtyard.

Here is the entrance to the bigger church.

Check out the detail on this thing! (click for bigger image)

Here are the cloisters in back. I like the old stuff.

That and the Robert Brady Museum were about all I saw of the town.

During the whole shoot I had a twin. She was the unit publicist and often people would come up to me with questions for her and vice versa. Here we are in Cuernavaca. Now, why would anyone mistake me for her?

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