Thursday, August 24, 2006


Things I Miss/Things I Will Miss

I've been here since June 21 (less the week I spent away for my father's funeral). I've been working six days a week and living in a hotel. What I miss the most (aside from Kurt, which is #1) is... the way, while I type this, there is deafening thunder going on outside. I mean LOUD! The windows rattle and it is a sharp crack...I will miss the rain and the thunder storms...

...I miss my cats very much. But I also miss funny things like driving my own car (I'm so LA) and doing my own laundry and cooking my own food. I also miss the sandwiches from Cheviot Farms. I miss my friends, of course, and I miss my own bed and bathroom and house and garden.

I will be so glad to come home -- Tuesday! -- but I will miss this crew. They have been really fun and great and hard working. I will also miss my spanish language lessons. I find at this point, with less than a week to go, that my english gets jerky sometimes because I have begun to think so much in spanish. People who speak only english ask me to translate for them! So now I'm bummed that I won't have spanish to speak every day. I want to keep learning. Maybe Debra and I can speak spanish together.

I'm not done with this blog. There is so much to catch up on and a few more days to go as well. So keep coming back!

Julia's Spanaish is amazing! Well, not speaking any myself, I think it probably is. She rattles off whole paragraphs at mexican people, and they nod and smile, so I guess it's working!
By the way - isn't more than half of LA Spanish-speaking? You'll have to get around more!
Hi Julia, this is Cristina Pina, it's nice to see your Mexico experience... I was almost crying!!!!! Hope to see more pictures soon.
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