Friday, August 25, 2006


My Office In Mexico

Being on set as a very small department (visual effects), we don't have a place to put our stuff. No trailer or truck like the camera department or wardrobe. The producers say we can leave our stuff in their trailers, but basecamp is usually too far away, so the stuff comes with us. Here is my office:

Included in my "kit" are:
my laptop
rain jacket (critical during the rainy season in Mexico)
2" tape, one roll each green and orange
BFH (see earlier post by that name)
blue clipboard/file holder (full of blank camera sheets)
folders filled with previous camera sheets
tape measure
flash drive
power cord

Speaking of power, when we are lucky enough to be able to sit in the catering area waiting for our shots to come up (which no longer happens as we are busy all day long for these last shoot days) the caterers are kind enough to bring us more outlets. The mysterious wireless internet signal only works in the catering area, so everyone comes there to do work, and get power. This is how it looks at the power cord area:

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