Friday, September 01, 2006


Catching up in Cuernavaca

Okay, I know I'm back in Los Angeles, but there are still a few things from Mexico to catch up on.

Cast your minds back to Cuernavaca, where I ate mango chile frozen treats (palleta or paleta in spanish.) We were there for one night and I experienced 3 square blocks of the place. Within those three blocks was the Robert Brady Museum. It was amazing, like a vacation from the hot work day (we went at lunch). The house, while a bit over the top, was an inspiration for how to live, and reminded me of Frida's house on some levels. And oh, the bathrooms. I'm a sucker for a cool bathroom. They get me every time.

If you have seen our house, you know we love color. So this house made me go, "Yeah! That's what I love to see!" And the kitchen with that giant window and sink. Nice. Time for some mexican tiles...

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