Sunday, July 15, 2007


Summer Movie

We went to see Transformers today.

Mindless summer popcorn movie: fun, silly, lots of hot bot action. Just what you want. But then, right when you are settled into the movie, it all goes wrong. All suspension of disbelief is blown:
The government agencies use Macs, even inside the Pentagon!

Dammit! I was having a good time laughing at, I mean, along with the movie and they have to go and ruin it.

Kurt summed it up nicely: It's no National Treasure.


Trying seeing this fabu movie with 4 pre teen BRATS behind you talking and laughing through out....I asked them to be quiet and then told them to sit somewhere else! They Laughed...Thank God it was a Loud movie! Dumb Asses....
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