Wednesday, October 24, 2007


How Do You Complain About Your Mailman?

If I get a magazine (which I do at least three times a week), it ALWAYS arrives with a soggy/sweaty patch on the back from the mail carrier. It's kind of gross. How do you complain to their bosses in an anonymous fashion? I'm normally assertive about these things, but the guy knows where I live. He delivers our mail, our bills, our paychecks, our online purchases.

It's a challenge. Any ideas?


Is it Bob? If so I'm sure he's doing it on purpose... gross! The other day I happened to be home when he delivered my Netflix and he asked if it was something good, or just for the kids. Seriously... isn't he supposed to deliver the mail w/o comment and at least pretend that he doesn't know all my business? Maybe the sogginess will go away when the hot weather ceases. I say wait it out.
Not Bob, different guy. I did consider the cooler weather and that it might reduce the soggy-ness, but still, honestly, how do you complain about a mailman!!!
call 1800ASKUSPS or

It is probably not intentional. They have to bundle the mail and the way he divides his mail up likely leaves your magazine at the bottom of the pile which rests on his arm.
I'm sure it's not intentional, but it's still kind of gross. Luckily, the weather is cooling off.

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