Thursday, October 11, 2007


This American Life

If you've never listened to an episode of the radio show This American Life, I highly recommend you do so. You are missing out on some amazing stories/entertainment/drama/information. I mostly listen to public radio (KPCC and KCRW are number one and two on all my radio dials) and I subscribe to many of the podcasts of the shows on these stations. Podcasting is a dream come true for me because I always wanted a machine that could record stuff off the radio, much like you can record stuff to your tivo (nee VCR). Now I can! I can hear all of Le Show and catch the latest episodes of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! which is LAUGH OUT LOUD funny. I usually listen on my morning constitutionals and wonder what people think when they pass me and I'm really laughing.

I've been behind on This American Life because I've been A) out of town and B) not exercising enough. And I realize how much I miss it. Act I of the episode #339 Break Up really caught my imagination. The episode is 29 minutes long and worth every second. There is love, romance, Phil Colllins, heartbreak, sad songs, Phil Collins and a little bit of healing. Please listen to it and tell me what you thought of it.

Ira Glass and his team do remarkable work. Oh and they won a
Peabody Award for their episode Habeas Schmabeas about prisoners being held in Guatanamo.

I have not seen the TV version of the show, but it's in our Netflix Q.

Radio is awesome.


I love Ira Glass. Did you ever hear the one about Martin Luther King? Amazing. And the one about ADM illegally cornering the market as told by the informant? Another excellent one.
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