Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Tapioca Pudding

Okay, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted, apologies. I appreciate everyone coming by to check and see if "Julia finally freakin' wrote something new yet!!" Well, here I am. You can read about what I was doing last week in more detail here. The nutshell is I was at my sister's helping her out while she had her first chemo session. My nephew was also in the throws of Homecoming and we went to all his events.

The week before that I was working on posts at Metroblogging Los Angeles. We had a series going about the 25 Most Famous Dead Angelenos. I chose to write about #11: Julia Child and then #5: Harpo Marx. It was a great series and fun to write about such great characters.

This week Kurt and I are already busy trying to get prepared for some re-plumbing of our house. Copper pipes hooray! (I hope our water bill doesn't skyrocket...) And we are getting a tankless water heater to replace our old standard one. That will be interesting. You'll see all about that next week with many photos.

But about the title. Things have been hectic and stressful and scary, but are better now. Recently, thanks to Jacquie, I discovered Trader Joe's Tapioca pudding. Bad news, really. I never remember how much I LOVE tapioca pudding until I have it, but I never remember to buy it. But now, oh boy. I was afraid I'd eat pints of it in one sitting. But as I'm focused on eating healthfully, I haven't bought the pint sized tubs. But then, TJs to the rescue! They make individual servings of sugar free tapioca and it is just about as good. Thanks TJs! (And I would have posted a photo of tapioca pudding, but it really doesn't photograph well.)

So forgive my long absence, and thanks for sticking around. There will be more from here on in! (or is it out?)


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