Thursday, October 05, 2006


My Morning Commute=Bus #19

I mentioned bus #19 before as my daily ride, though I can also take the #38. But I prefer the #19 because it is always a Double Decker. The upstairs usually always has a seat open (the front ones are most fun). #38 is a Bendy Bus and always seem cramped and full. They also apparently catch on fire from time to time.

On my commute to and from my hotel here in London, there are six

and oneKrispy Kreme.

On my way is this restaurant:
Which makes me smile every morning because it was one of the first places we ate in London on my first trip in 1989. Backpacks, youth hostels, shorts and sneakers. John, Katie, Vince and I had such a great time on our two month adventure, starting in London.

Part of my commute looks like this (from the top of the double decker bus):

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