Sunday, April 15, 2007


Don Ho

My mom sent me this email late last night:

Don Ho died. I think Carlos and I went to see him 100 times. They were good friends. I'm sure it will be in your newspaper tomorrow. (Carlos was my dad.)
Read the full stories in the The Honolulu Advertiser. Here's a classic image:

My dad was a local celebrtiy in Honolulu first for his radio announcing and baseball game recreations way back when, and later for his work in advertising and on political campaigns.

Here is a vintage Honolulu photo:

Duke Kahanamoku and Don Ho in 1967.

I don't have any pictures of my dad and Don Ho. But you've seen the one of dad and Duke.

News of Don Ho's death make me feel a little old again.

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How about, instead of old, it could make you feel like part of Hawaiian aristocracy? Which you are. I noted Don Ho's passing as well. The end of an era. What a throw-back he was. So old-school lounge singer and yet, so emblematic of Hawaii and of that era, and of men his age. And what a voice! So smooth!
And...Don Ho wasnt that old either...76 is young these days!
Aloha Oe Don Ho
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